Saturday, November 24, 2007

Man likes his donuts

I by no means condone theft or engaging police in high speed chases for any reason whatsoever. However, I can understand the impulse to make off with an entire truck full of donuts, should the opportunity present itself. Of course, I exercise some control over my id, something this fellow doesn't seem to understand:

A delivery driver reported that his Krispy Kreme truck was stolen from the Open Pantry as he was making a delivery inside. A UWPD officer located the truck and got into a pursuit with it. During the pursuit the truck stopped and the driver backed the truck into the squad before taking off again. Another UW officer continued the pursuit for a short period before the pursuit was terminated. An MPD officer was in the area and observed the vehicle drive past him. The officer then attempted to stop the vehicle and a second pursuit ensued outbound on University Avenue. The suspect driver at one point drove against traffic where speeds reached over 80mph. The driver then crossed over the median and turned into the Village of Shorewood behind the strip mall area where the driver then surrendered in the parking lot of Copps in the 3600 block of University Avenue and was taken into custody.
The Madison police blotter can be downright fascinating at times (and quite depressing at others).

There's probably also a stupid joke somewhere in here about police chasing a donut truck, but I'm going to rise about and leave it to your capable imaginations.

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