Thursday, November 15, 2007

Midwest emissions pact - and what about those old coal plants?

Good news: "Six Midwestern governors and the premier of Manitoba will sign an accord in Milwaukee today that will commit those states to working together to slash emissions linked to global warming over the coming decades."

Sort of good, sort of not, news: "There is no specific target yet identified for how much emissions would be cut, but many states in the region are developing plans that aim to cut emissions by 60% to 80% by 2050."

Troubling news: "All new coal-fired power plants built after 2020 would be required to capture carbon dioxide and ship it to an underground storage site." There is no mention, however, of forcing the older coal-powered plants to clean up their act. Like I mentioned before, these grandfathered-in super polluting plants are one of the biggest sources of toxics in the state, and leaving out any strategies for improving that is no solution at all.

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