Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Craftacular

I wandered over to the High Noon Saloon to catch the first day of Glitter Workshop's "Christmas Craftacular," a fair full of goods for sale by local/area artists. I love this stuff. I love finding awesome little goodies to give as gifts for the holidays in lieu of mass-marketed stuff that may or may not be useful to the person.

Anyway, definitely consider checking out the event, which runs through tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm. It doesn't cost a thing to go in and browse, but you might find something to buy once inside. Items run the gambit from magnets and coasters made from recycled bottlecaps, maps, and scenes from children's books that my generation for sure would recognize (think Where the Wild Things Are, Curious George and the like), hand screen printed and regular clothing for adults and the fashionable infant, hand made cards and blank books, decorative items, super cool ties, etc.

I picked up a few odds and ends (which I wasn't expecting to do) and enjoyed the scene. There seemed to be a good turn out, with people shopping, drinking and chatting all over the spacious club. I've been extremely happy to see that Cathy has made a point of renting out the space to non-music events during the day (and sometimes evening) on a regular basis. Smart business, and great for the community.

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