Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Video Competition follow-up

Are you sick of this yet? Yeah, yeah, but hey, what can I say, the shit just goes so deep.

From the "Comment Rescue" post on dane101 concerning my original article taking Sen. Decker to task for his inconsistent statements, we get this comment:

Before the bill passed the Senate, I sent an email to a number of senators. Here's a quote from Sen. Luther Olsen of the 14th: "Over 1000 of my constituents contacted me on this legislation, with over 98% of them supporting it."

He's counting all the contacts he received via TV4US, the AT&T lobbyist that blatantly lied by claiming that people supported this specific legislation when they'd only returned a postcard saying they wanted to watch Packer games.

I visited my legislator to see the binders that TV4US supplied. One name per page, to make the binder look big. I found duplicate names. I found three names of people I knew, so I called them. One knew he'd returned the football postcard, months before even the Assembly bill had been introduced. Two had no idea how their names were there.

This very interesting tidbit comes from John of bootsandkittens.com (a hilarious and very familiar looking parody of bootsandsabers.com). It's good to see that some people are doing their due diligence on this, though it'd be a heck of a lot nicer if it were our actual representatives.

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