Monday, November 12, 2007

AT&T needs Wisconsin like a fish needs a bicycle

Man, those scrappy underdogs over at AT&T sure do have it tough in Wisconsin. They can barely scrape together enough money to buy themselves a sammich. Just check out their earnings and properties as compared to other media corporations. It's just pathetic, really. $66 billion and an 8% share of News Corp.? How on Earth do they put food on their family's tables at night?

It sure is a good thing our state politicians are giving them carte blanche to serve select areas of our state when they want and how they want, without having to pony up any obnoxious little fees to support public access television channels (who says the airwaves are public property?).

And what did those selfless folks at AT&T do to show their appreciation? Why, they contributed generously to those politicians who voted in favor of the legislation. That's just good manners.

(It's Monday, and I blame my sarcasm on that fact)

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John Foust said...

Airwaves? AT&T and the other land-line companies want to use the public rights-of-way, the strips of land adjacent to streets and our public alleys. They want to hang wires, dig streets, and permanently place fridge-sized humming boxes, one per 200 homes. They want to use the existing copper wires coming into homes to now carry video and Internet. I think the local municipal authorities should have oversight over this, and I don't think it's unreasonable for them to have the oportunity to negotiate a contract that includes provisions to carry public access channels.

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