Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fool me twice

I had hoped Debra Bartoshevich would see reason and stop endorsing McCain, but apparently that's not the case. Back in June, I voiced my displeasure with her, a pledged delegate for Clinton who was ousted from the convention for her open support of McCain, saying that I couldn't understand how anyone who really liked Clinton could turn around and support a guy whose views on almost everything are the polar opposite. Seriously, how could any supposedly pro-choice, feminist person vote for this guy?

I guess Bartoshevich never got that memo, because she's now shilling for McCain in one of his campaign ads. A lot of folks are, rightfully I'd say, tearing into her for it, so I'm not going to add much more to the din except to say that I agree with them. I suspect, too, that Bartoshevich is in a bit over her head with this, and is being used rather gleefully by the McCain campaign. But that doesn't entirely excuse her from culpibility.

I think it's also fair to point out the fact that this type of Clinton Supporter for McCain thing isn't nearly as widespread as the mainstream media would have us believe. I suspect that most Clinton backers realize that, while Obama may not have been their #1 choice, he's a sight better than John "Pander Shamelessly to the Far Right" McCain. Maverick my ass. So all you "PUMAs" out there? I have one thing to ask you: what the hell are you thinking?

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