Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Brunch: Poetry and bikes

Two of my favorite things! I had the great pleasure of covering the 2008 National Poetry Slam competition/festival held here in Madison over the last week, and I can honestly say that poetry has totally kicked my butt. In a good way! I saw and heard so many amazing poets with so many different styles, I don't even know where to begin. So instead I'll just direct you over to, where me and a few other folks have been covering the festivities. Check it out! I'll have my thoughts and photos from finals (one of which is above) posted there tomorrow, if you're curious.

Today also marked the end of the ACT 6 Wisconsin AIDS Ride, which I took part in last year as a rider but, sadly, couldn't this go round. Too frakking busy! But I did volunteer to help with closing ceremonies, and took a few photos of that shindig, too, if you'd like to have a looksee. They raised tons of money for a great cause and, if last year was any indication, made lots of friends and accomplished something pretty amazing along the way.

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