Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Brunch: Shameless self-promotion

I very happily stumbled onto an old video project the other day, and after much wrangling with my poor DSL connection, got it uploaded. This is one of my only directorial projects (I'm usually more inclined just to act or make music), made for Wis-Kino back in March of '07, so while not the most fabulous piece of cinema ever devised, I'm somewhat proud of it. That dashing lady in the film is my sister, who was kind enough to do what I told her to do for one afternoon while she was in town. The music is entirely of my own devising, with guitar work by my good friend and bandmate, Justin. Enjoy!


Palmer said...

Did you not have a tripod or did you deliberately eschew it?

Emily said...

Deliberately eschewed. Not to be super artsy, just for a less static look.

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