Monday, August 25, 2008

I call shenanigans!

Isthmus released their Annual Manual last Thursday, and with it the results of their "Madison Favorites" poll. I was pleasantly surprised to see dane101 take third place in the Best Website category, beating out long-standing and joining the ranks of and The Daily Page (all this for a volunteer, collaboratively run website!).

I was shocked, shocked! however, to see the finalists in the Local Blogger category. While the number 1 and 3 slots were all well and good (1 went to Paul Soglin, who, frankly, I could totally take in a slap fight, and 3 went to the good folks over at Eating in Madison A to Z), the second place finish about had me spitting out my applesauce--Dave Blaska? Really?

I can only imagine two scenarios that could have led to such a strange result: either Blaska rallied his mom and all her friends to his cause, or it's a pity vote. I guess "favorite local blogger" could be construed to mean "most entertaining by dint of ridiculousness" - but then what of the other two, generally quality bloggers on the list? It's not even Blaska's politics alone that lead me to object, it's simply that he's not a very good writer. There are other, far more well-written and interesting blogs from locals, including ones with whose politics I disagree.

Ultimately, however, I'm deeply disturbed by the lack of on that list. Ryan's blog is even nationally recognized for its quality and often hilarious commentary on life and pop culture. Quite the oversight of the voting population, if you ask me (which I recognize is obviously heavily skewed toward Isthmus readers, where Blaska's blog is housed, but let me have my moment of outrage, k?).

Now, back to my painkiller induced stupor, and to making plans for dominating the shit out of that poll next year. Hah!


illusory tenant said...

To the question "When does life begin?" Obama responded that the answer was "Above my pay grade." -- Silver medalist blogger D. Blaska.

But that wasn't Rick Warren's question at all. His question was, "At what point does a baby get human rights."

Even assuming that life begins at conception, the question is implicitly ridiculous, considering the panoply of various human rights and the absurdity of granting some or all of them at some specific "point" during embryonic development.

From a U.S. constitutional perspective, the question is even more complex, given legal definitions of personhood and the intersections of one individual's human rights with those of other individuals.

I would like to see Blaska defend the notion that zygotes "get" human rights in the one or two minutes Obama was allotted to responding.

If he can do it, he will have defeated the Pope and the Catholic Church, neither of which have been able to pinpoint the moment of "ensoulment."

The CDP. said...

Aww, thanks so much for the shout out. We were talking about the snub earlier in the week over on the CDP, and the final conclusion was that my blog could be based out of any city and really doesn't discuss anything local, therefore it's not entirely recognized as a 'Madison thing.' I used to be surprised that I got more national attention than local attention, but it doesn't really bother me anymore, mainly because I drink a lot of whiskey.

However, if there's any Madison blogger out there that accurately defines what it means to be a brilliant and local voice of reason, logic and humor, it's Miss Emily Mills. That award belongs to you next year.

Emily said...

IT - Thanks for pointing that out. I thought Obama's response to the ridiculous question was pretty spot on, but leave it to McCain and his acolytes to have no concept of nuance and complexity when it comes to that sort of issue.

CDP - I know it's some sort of lifelong campaign on your part to get into my pants, but c'mon man, laying it on a little thick there? :P

The CDP. said...

My good looks are fading, and I fear it may be my last chance. :)

I totally mean it, though; goddamit. I was telling Jesse about this last weekend. You're the embodiment of 'local blog.' A little politics, a little culture, a little personal anecdote, perfect grammar; it's good stuff, and worthy of a full CDP endorsement. And I don't hand those out too often, ya' know.

Now can we make out?

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