Friday, August 15, 2008

Support your scene!

I'd like to take a moment to harass...err...encourage you all to come on out to the Frequency club tomorrow (Saturday) evening, starting at 5:00pm, to 1) see a bunch of great bands, 2) have a chance at winning some cool schwag, and 3) support a great local resource:

I've been writing for and helping out with dane101 for, oh, a couple of years now I think. It's a collaborative, pretty much entirely volunteer run effort at providing a comprehensive local resource for music, art, sports, recreation, politics, and everything else you might find in Dane County. In light of dane101's growing hit-count and subsequent massive targeting by malicious Russian spammers, we've been having to scramble and fork out not insignificant amounts of cash to secure and beef up the back end. Plus, we'd really love to do a general overhaul of the site to make it prettier and easier to use. So (dane101 contributor and my band mate in the Shabelles) Adam Schabow, in his infinite wisdom, decided to throw a fundraiser for dane101, gathering support from a long list of local artists and Gotham Bagels:
The First Ever Dane 101 Fundraiser
Sponsored by Gotham Bagels

On Saturday, August 16th, Gotham Bagels is sponsoring the first ever fundraiser for Dane101, a local collaborative blog site that is run primarily by volunteers. Dane101 has existed for three years with very little advertising and plans to use any money raised during this event to reinforce its technical capabilities and launch a long overdue redesign.

The show begins at 5 pm and will include bands, artists, raffle prizes (including Gotham Bagel gift certificates, a Crate Guitar amp, and various items found dumpster diving during the "Hippie Christmas" weekend). DJs Bob Koch and DJ Shogan will spin records between acts and will also be hosting a "45 Freakout" at the end of the night, where dancing is encouraged.

The Aaron Scholz Band 6:00-6:45pm
Clarity J (from the Buffali) 7:00-7:30pm
JJ Man (from the Midwest Beat) 7:45-8:15pm
The Takebacks 8:40-9:30pm
The Schinker Family Soul Revival 9:40-10:00pm
The Shabelles 10:15pm-11:00pm
Pale Young Gentlemen 11:15-12am
El Valiente 12:15am-1am
"45 Freakout" with Bob Koch and DJ Shogan 1am-bartime

Cover is just $7.
I'll be playing drums for the Shabelles, of course, so you should at least come check us out. But I'd encourage you to stick around for everyone else, too, as that bill is chalk-full of goodness.

Come out and have a fabulous evening, all while supporting collaborative, community, DIY media!
(The Frequency is located just off the capitol square on Main St., where the Slipper Club and then Adair's Lounge used to be)


M Big Mistake said...

Alas, I'll be off welcoming in the new co-eds with a free Shanghai Party Boss show at The Annex. Hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

I'll be at the Isthmus block party.

Emily said...

It's just down the block, and starts later than ours--come to both! :)

The Lost Albatross