Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More than halfway there!

I've been more worried about meeting my fundraising goal for the ride ($1,100) than about the actual biking-over-300-miles bit. I'm not much for asking people for money and this instance is a rare exception because the cause is so damn worthy. So it is with great relief and gratitude that I note that as of today, my total donations have reached $720...more than halfway to my goal!

I made another big push this last week and it seems to really be paying off. I'm hopeful that between further feet-on-the-ground efforts and the big Aporia show on the 7th, I'll be able to meet (and maybe even top?) my goal. And many, many thanks to the good people who've been helping me out in various ways.

Oh yeah, in case you haven't heard, my band (Aporia) is playing a fabulous rock-em-sock-em gig on Saturday, July 7th to help raise funds for the ride. It's at the Mercury Players Theatre rehearsal warehouse (930 Fair Oaks Ave. in Madison, near the intersection with E. Washington and directly across Fair Oaks from Gardner's Bakery) and starts at 7pm. Minimum donation of $5 at the door, but folks are of course welcome to give more if they can!

For more info, visit or just contact me.

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