Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goal Met and Broken!

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What a fantastic evening! Saturday night's fundraiser gig went far better than I could have hoped for, both in terms of money raised (over $400!) and good times had.

I am so relieved that my minumum fundraising goal has been met. Now all I really need to worry about is that pesky 300 mile ride....

Many, many heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out and rocked with us that night. You gave so much more than you could know. And we (the band) had a blast performing!

With help from various Mercury Players (special shout-outs to Cara, Cam, Bonnie, Kirk, Pete, etc.), we cleaned up the warehouse, put together a mighty fine stage and backdrop, fixed the damn air conditioner, bought beer and snacks and had ourselves a mighty fine party. We also ended up having a great opening band in (members of) Catapult Western, who played a handfull of songs before our own set began. Of special note was their better-than-the-original cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up."

We (Aporia) played for a little over two hours, a show which included but was not limited to: a bike clothing strip tease, helmets a-go-go, audience interpetive dance, and our new smash hit "The Horror (It Puts the Lotion in the Basket)" - which we've already recieved several requests for recordings of. Good news is, we had the whole show videotaped and should have clips online in the near future.

Now it's back to training training training, and just in time for quite the heatwave. Hooray! Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible. You're all my heroes.

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