Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama-rama (part the first)

Quite the event. More forthcoming, but for now:
  1. Good speech. Hard to go wrong, though, after eight years of GWB's kindergarten level utterances.
  2. A whole lotta people (about 20,000 apparently).
  3. News anchors are still hilariously orange in person. HD will not be their friend.
  4. I wish I actually owned the zoom lens I used to photograph this. As the kids say, it is "teh sex."

(photo credit: me, thanksmuch)


The CDP. said...


Anonymous said...

Good crop on the photo.

I wish I could get all involved in this from way up here. :) Love me an election.

Emily said...

Thanks, Nat. :)

Yeah, I don't blame you. This has turned into quite the exciting race, and us Yanks are finally doing something historical and positive. It's downright refreshing and I hope the honeymoon lasts a great many years.

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