Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coal fire plant public hearings

I've written about our city and state's problems with coal fired power plants a number of times before, and now us plebes get to have our say.

I encourage any and all interested parties to attend the public meeting this Thursday and voice their opinions on the matter:

The meeting will be held in room G-09 of the State Office Building at 101 S. Webster St. and will run from 5 to 8 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend and share its input about energy options they believe should be pursued for heating plants in the city.
The court ruling and subsequent chatter about the use of coal fired plants has given us a great opportunity to implement serious and positive change when it comes to how we get our power. We need to see this sucker through, and demand more emphasis and funding be given to cleaner sources of energy, and to significantly cleaning up our current sources.

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John Das Binky said...

Interesting. Before I clicked on the article, I was expecting more of a showdown: proverbial fat-cats arguing against clean energy vs. whatever sterotype fights for clean energy these days. ;)

The actuality seems to be the University saying "hey, we want to do something big and cool" and is more looking for citizens to say tell them how much they want their taxes raised for them to do it.

The telling line for me is "He added the state is curious about how much people are willing to pay for cleaner energy."

This is Madison. We're not going to find too many people arguing against some sort of renewable energy, but you're also not going to find too many people calling for higher taxes either. Always interesting to see what happens when your ideals and your own pocketbook collide!

Job prevents me from attending, but I'll be interested to see what they come up with. Logistics make me think it'll be tough to come up with an "ideal" solution given the space constraints they've got.

I'd love to see a debate over nuclear power by the lake and university though!

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