Monday, November 2, 2009

Of blogs, bands, and opera

A couple of quick, but really very important links for you today. Regular blogging will commence soon! And I'm excited to announce that I've been invited by Madison Opera to take part in their "Bloggers Night Out" this Friday, which means I get to see their production of "Carmen" and write all about it for your (hopefully) enjoyment. It will be my first opera ever, so I'm kind of excited and nervous, because it's something I know so little about. But hey, that could make what I have to say quite entertaining, in a train wreck sort of way.

In the meantime, my first blog for The Daily Page is now live! I'd be much obliged if you sent some traffic their way and checked it out. And feel free to leave a comment, of course. You have to register, but it's free and relatively painless, I promise.

Also over at Isthmus, my band Little Red Wolf has happily moved on to the second round of voting in their Band to Band Combat. We'd love for you to go on over and cast a ballot in our favor to help us advance yet further in this fun little contest. Also free and easy!


apc said...

Opera's a blast. I'm not a real big fan of just listening to the music by itself, but actually going and witnessing the whole spectacle of the thing is great. I don't know anything about the Madison Opera, but if they do the whole "grand opera" treatment, you oughta have a ball. Of course, I was a theatre major many years ago, so that may be coloring my opinion on the matter.

Congrats on the Daily Page gig, by the way.

Emily said...

Thanks apc! I'm excited about all of these things.

I, too, was/am theatre folk, so it shames me all the more to admit how little experience I have with opera. This seems like a great way to dive in, though! Look for my live blog Friday night!

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