Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The children are our future

On this, an otherwise pretty awful and grim day, I would first encourage you to lend your support to one of the aid organizations working to do some good after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Then, because we all need a little good news to balance the bad, check out the following clip:

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(the really good part starts around the 3 minute mark)

Young Will was just recently voted "Hero of the Year" by the readers of and the resulting email interview is pretty cute, too.

In the midst of the ongoing struggle for full GLBT rights and equality, with all of the various setbacks and triumphs, it can be easy to get bogged down, worn out, and cynical. So it's especially refreshing and encouraging to see things like this. Because the truth is, with each successive generation, homophobia and discrimination are more and more seen for the awful dinosaurs of thought that they are. Progress may not always be as swift as we'd like, but it's happening, and there's no stopping us now.

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Anonymous said...

as watching that episode that night. I love john stewart! thanks for the pick-me-up!

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