Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Chapel: The Series" starts now

One of the (many, many) projects I've been working on as of late is the creation of a monthly web series. Based on three short films I've helped make for three separate Wis-Kino Kabarets over the course of the past few years, as well as that there book I wrote, "Chapel: The Series" is probably one of the most ambitious undertakings I've ever had the good fortune to take part in.

Our goal is to make one of these every month until we hit episode Z, probably with one break in there to divide things into two "seasons" (and to give us a breather at some point).

I'm excited about this not just because I get to play the title character--that's a new thing for me--but because the other people involved are all lovely and talented and a great pleasure to work with. We'll also be traveling a bit for future episodes, including a couple that will take place in New York and New Jersey and involve some similarly lovely and talented people who live out there.

Anyway, let's get to it, shall we?

Quick synopsis of the series: "Chapel is a drug dealer. Not a very good one. Mostly she'd just like to make it through the day without having to borrow someone's gun... Based on the short Wis-Kino films by Rob Matsushita and the book by Emily Mills, "Chapel: The Series" is a new, monthly web series that includes a cast and crew of Madison's finest that will make you laugh, cringe, fist-pump, cheer, and maybe even shed a single tear."

Episode 1: "Audited" (NSFW for brief language, some violence)

Get caught up -
Episode 3: "Complicated" (NSFW for brief language, heavy violence)
Episode 4: "Distracted" (NSFW for brief language, some violence)
Episode 5: "Extremed" (NSFW for language, heavy violence)


Dustin Christopher said...

Fantastic, can't wait for the next installment... Only thing is, I was expecting some IRS involvement somewhere...

Emily said...

We're tricky like that. ;)

Glad you liked it!

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