Friday, October 24, 2008

Aporia CD release party!

It's almost time! Provided my journey to and from Indiana tomorrow to retrieve my poor minivan goes well, I'll be saddling up to play for two bands come Sunday night at the Aporia CD release party. You should come!

Here's the lowdown:

After a long hiatus, Aporia (the band I've been singing and playing drums in for the past number of years) is officially dusting off the cobwebs, releasing a new album, and gearing up to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! Oh yes, don't doubt us for a second. We mean business, yo - ROCK business.

Ahem, anyway...we'll be playing a spectacular, be-costumed show to celebrate the release of said album - all with the help of some fabulous guests!


First up! THE SHABELLES - (who I just so happen to play drums for as well)
Second up! FERMATA - (who are fantabulous)

The whole thing will kick off at 7:00pm at the Frequency (121 W. Main St., where the Slipper Club used to be), and fill your soul with so much rad that you'll probably pop. Don't sue us if you do, though, because our lawyers are made entirely of crystal, and can shoot lasers out of their eyeballs. Seriously.

$5 cover, 21+.



The band will choose their favorite costume in the audience and the winner will get a free copy of the new album! How rad is that? So come dressed as your best zombie, witch, Frankenstein's monster, or Sarah Palin and try for your shot at glory!


The ever delightful and surly Irma & DeeDee will be hassling and entertaining the audience between sets, and probably harassing you about buying our new CD, because they're good like that. Bribe them with a bottle of 'tussin, and you might even get a little sugar outta the deal.

See you there?!

P.S. Isthmus Daily Page was kind enough to profile one of the "singles" off our new album, and you can read about it and download a copy of it here.


michael d said...

Sweet. I've been looking forward to a chance to see you guys.

Cam said...

My Emily Mills costume was the bestest.

Emily said...

It was the bestest, if not terribly accurate. I'm not particularly known for wearing a kilt and a midriff bearing shirt.

michael d said...

Well that's a cryin' shame.

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