Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Brunch: Send me a BMX angel

I'm just on a bike-themed movie clip roll these days, but I can't resist when they're just this good (and hey, looks like other folks have picked up on the awesomeness that is Lady is the Boss, too!). Recently, I was sent this amazing clip from the 1986 BMX movie Rad. So inspired by the beautiful absurdity of it, I was inspired to sit down and revisit the film in its entirety (jealous?). It is, in fact, a crap fest--but one that includes some pretty decent bike stunts, hilariously awful clothes and hair, a very young Lori Loughlin, and they also somehow manage to get away with making an actual bike company--Mongoose--into the villain. Hey, I ride a Mongoose, and it's a fine bike, damnit! Does that make me a villain?

Anyway, enjoy:

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