Wednesday, October 22, 2008

JB Van Hollen has a good sense of humor

In a letter to Senate Democrats, who were curious as to how much taxpayer money was being spent on his "frivolous" lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen claimed that, "At the time of your letter, the Department of Justice had spent the court filing fee: $155."

It's possible that, at the time the letter arrived in his hands, the only pay out that had been made was the filing fee. What he's leaving out, perhaps out of spite, is how much it has cost to pay DoJ employees to work on the case:
[Rep. Mark] Pocan said Van Hollen omitted the cost of having Department of Justice employees work long hours on the complicated lawsuit since its filing six weeks ago.

“He’s had his spokesman on the issue. He’s had lawyers on the issue — and they wrote a 78-page brief,” Pocan said. “It’s pretty clear he’s not telling us how much taxpayer money he’s wasting on this lawsuit.”
Maybe it's all just an elaborate practical joke Van Hollen is pulling. I mean, claiming that a suit of any size only costs $155 is pretty laughable. Unless he's doing this pro bono, out of the goodness of his own heart.

Excuse me, I'm laughing again....OK, all better.

Let's hope that the judge hearing the case tomorrow takes things a little more seriously, and gives Van Hollen a good, proper rebuking.


capper said...

It is costing so little because the RNC is picking up the tab?

Dad29 said...

Actually, what's "proper" in this case is that the GAB members all go to jail, directly to jail, (no pass go/no pass gas) for....about 5-10 years.

Emily said...

What kind of drugs are you on, and where can I get me some? It might be nice to take a complete break from reality for a short while.

illusory tenant said...

He got a rebuking at least in the legal sense, in that the judge found that not only had Van Hollen failed to identify any violated laws, but even if he had, he doesn't have the authority to mount a challenge. That authority lies with the federal Department of Justice.

The judge also ruled that the Republican Party of Wisconsin can't join Van Hollen's lawsuit. All in all, a fairly resounding defeat. Stay tuned for the appeal.

Emily said...

IT - Yeah, that was a nice news item to wake up to. Now even if they appeal the decision, it's at least unlikely to happen before this election and therefore won't disenfranchise a shitton of voters.

Anonymous said...

Because of that nucklehead Van Halen my mom and some of her elderly friends panicked and all got absentee ballots...I'm headed down tomorrow to vote early 'cause I don't have time in Nov to be hung up in some paperwork nightmare. Good luck to that dumbo if he tries to get re-elected.

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