Friday, October 10, 2008

The good news for Oct. 10, 2008

We could all certainly use some good news these days, what with the stock market plummeting, banks folding, whole countries facing bankruptcy (Iceland! What happened?!), an increasingly venomous presidential race, and unemployment growing. It's important to seek out rays of hope and goodness in the midst of all this, too, so here are a few recent items to help cheer you up on this sunny, gorgeous autumn day:

  • [Reuters] The Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that the state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, making it the third state in the country to fully legalize same-sex marriages. Go Connecticut! Now, I'm casting a critical eye on you, Wisconsin....
  • [WISCTV] Tucked away in that otherwise shady bail-out bill recently passed by Congress and signed by President Bush were a few really decent riders. We got Mental Health Parity (finally!) and a cool bike commuter tax incentive.
  • [dane101] The Madison roller derby All-Star team, the Dairyland Dolls, won their first match in the Eastern Regional Finals this morning, defeating Minnesota 143-67. They now move on to face off against number one seed New York City tonight at 6:30pm.
  • [CNN] Hundreds of wayward penguins were saved, rehabilitated, and re-released successfully into the wild down Brazil way. Hooray!


Daily Mitzvah said...

I needed a pick me up -- and, you know, some penguins. Thanks for finding and posting these!

Emily said...

You're welcome! Penguins are good for the soul. It's science.

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