Thursday, October 16, 2008

The desperate campaign

This is just ridiculous. The RNC is sending out a particularly heinous robo-call to various Wisconsin residents, once again linking Barack Obama to "domestic terrorist Bill Ayers." This shit has been put to bed so many times and so thoroughly, that I can't help but think that the McCain campaign is seriously stuck in second gear and can't think of anything else to throw out there.

I'm going to parrot Dustin and say "NO. BAD. INNAPPROPRIATE. Do I have to rub your nose in this before you'll learn?" Seriously, this is unnacceptable.

Apparently, someone recorded said message as left on their answering machine, and you can have a listen to the rubbish here.


apc said...

Is it just me, or is the whole robo-call thing starting to wear really thin? Even from candidates I support, even with messages from people I really and truly admire, the practice of the robo-call just sets my teeth on edge. Maybe it's because I'm active ion the syatem and already know when election day is, and when early voting starts, and all that, but enough already. Sheesh.

apc said... in the system...

As a former proofreader, that's pretty embarrassing.

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