Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The good news for Oct. 1, 2008

I've been doing epic battle with a pretty nasty cold this week, so my blogging has--naturally, I think--suffered a bit. And though a lot of other people seem to be fighting colds, too, there are still quite a few great blog posts going up in the aether. Here are just a few that I've been sampling while trying to convince my throat and lungs to stop being so persnickety.

  • [It's All About the Story] Dustin offers an insightful, humorous, but serious take on how the current credit and economic crisis effects us, and also makes some good, biting points about how the more well-to-do are reacting.
  • [That Other Emily] My fellow Emily takes on political propaganda and human psychology with great skill and braaaaaains.
  • [] A website that combines Google maps with local police blotters to provide up-to-date and easy to read crime statistics at various universities now includes UW-Madison.
  • [TPM] Discussing whether or not the push to get rid of the "Mark to Market" rule is a good idea for dealing with the economic crisis or not. My gut feeling--and that of the author--is that it is not, and would just help create more problems in the future. It seems excessively bizarre to me, too, that there are still people calling for more deregulation in light of everything that's been going down lately.
  • [Illusory Tenant] The incomparable illy T takes Malkin and her ilk to task over their latest outrage regarding the moderator for tomorrow night's VP debate.
  • [Cute Overload] This beagle, at least, has a bail-out plan.

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