Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feel-good Republican about face on gay marriage

This isn't local news, but it made me feel so dang warm and fuzzy inside that I just had to spread the word.

Via the DownWithTyranny! blog:

Yesterday, by a 5-3 vote, the City Council of San Diego passed a resolution supporting marriage equality. Jerry Sanders, the Republican mayor-- who campaigned opposing marriage equality-- announced this morning that he had changed his mind and would sign the resolution instead of vetoing it. A former Chief of Police, Sanders, tearfully also announced that one of his daughters, Lisa, is gay and that he would lead with his heart. "The concept of a separate but equal institution is something that I cannot support," he explained, tearfully, with his wife standing at his time."

They include a link to the video of the press conference, which is definitely worth watching, especially if you need something to cheer you up today. Not that I have any delusions of him ever reading this, but I still want to express my deep appreciation and admiration for Mr. Sanders' change-of-heart. It's no easy thing to completely reverse your opinion on an issue that is still so contentious. And even though it took personal relationships with GLBT folks, including his own daughter, to get him to see the light, as it were, I say better late than never.

Cheers to San Diego's mayor and City Council. Let's hope the trend continues to spread.

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