Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halloween: Like the Beatles, bigger than Jesus

We sure do like to talk/argue about Halloween round these parts. I jumped into the fray a few posts ago, lamenting the use of Ticketmaster and booking of Christian-y bands for the now privately run Freak Fest event down on State Street.

Further information is slowly being leaked, though, including a slightly more promising line-up of bands that will likely include Ky-Mani Marley, Mighty Short Bus, Rob Dz and possibly even War (the latter of which might actually compel me to check the whole thing out). Plus, we are being reassured that, in deference to the already low cost of tickets, the Ticketmaster service fee will only be $1.50.

So I stand somewhat assuaged. Still, I don't doubt there will be yet more discussion and debate over the fate of the State Street shindig (rhyming unintentional, I swear). For whatever reason, it's an issue near and dear to the hearts of (mostly younger) Madison residents.

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