Friday, September 21, 2007

Health care? Not important, according to WI Republicans

This is so infuriating:

Democrats offered Friday to drop their $15 billion universal health care proposal as long as Republicans agreed to a variety of tax increases they have vowed to oppose.

The move is a sign that Democrats are willing to negotiate to get the budget done within a week, said Senate Majority Leader Judy Robson, D-Beloit.

"We're willing to give if you're willing to give," she said at a meeting of a bipartisan committee of lawmakers who have been trying to reach a budget compromise.

But Republicans balked at being forced to accept tax increases on hospitals and cigarettes, and a $175 million fund transfer, in exchange for Democrats' withdrawal of the universal health care plan known as Healthy Wisconsin.

"I am providing you nothing in return," Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem, said after accepting the withdrawal of the universal health care plan. "I am not saying in any way that I will trade all of these items so Healthy Wisconsin can come out of the state budget."

And a big screw you right back at ya, Mr. Huebsch.

Apparently, getting as many people as is possible reasonably covered for health care in this state isn't that important to the Republicans in the legislature. Nope, gotta fight tooth-and-nail against things like gay marriage and notaxincreaseseverbygodnomattertheconsequences. The public good be damned!

I am by no means taking all of the blame for our current budget woes off of the Democrats' shoulders. They've contributed their fair share of ridiculousness to the mess, but this kind of crap from the Republicans is just shameful. Expanding Badger Care, of which I was for many years a grateful recipient, to include 98% of Wisconsin residents (including all children) would have been a fantastic move, something the rest of the country could have pointed to as a good example of what the nation ought to be striving for.

Instead, the Republicans are just dragging their feet in the dust, pouting, throwing little temper tantrums and refusing to budge on pretty much anything they don't like. So, decorum out the window, I send the following message to 'em: Fuck all y'all.

Thank-you, good night.

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