Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Autumn of Bikes and Cheese

James T. Spartz over at The Daily Page wrote a great article/plug for the Bike the Barns event I mentioned in a previous post. I'm glad to see it getting some coverage (even though I can't go, as I'll be on a private retreat to a cabin in the middle of glorious nowhere that weekend).

I took an extremely truncated ride around part of Lake Monona yesterday afternoon. It felt a little strange to be donning the long-sleeved jersey and full-fingered gloves so soon after I'd been sweating it out in 80 degree weather for our Labor Day ride (a reunion of Team Takin' It Easy from the ACT Ride). While the cool air was invigorating, it made me wistful about summer's passing. I'm sure we'll have a few warm days yet before the frost really gets kicking, and I do love autumn, but there were so many rides I wanted to get in before the weather changed that I just haven't been able to do. Though with the ACT Ride under my belt, I suppose I don't feel too lazy.

On a side note, unrelated to biking but definitely relating to my love of all things cheese, I was excited to read about a new, artisan cheese and goodies shop opening downtown. Fromagination, despite its wacky name, promises to bring locally made, very delicious cheeses and associated snacks to our appreciative Wisconsin pallets. Not only that, but they're offering cheese classes, too! Yours truly will be attempting to attend at least one, all in the name of journalism, mind you, on behalf of dane101. We like to offer our support to local stores offering local fare. It's certainly a far better trend than all of the chains that have gone up downtown in recent years (Gap, Cozi, Starbucks--I'm lookin' at you).

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