Monday, September 17, 2007

Of Ads and Trails

The Wisconsin State Journal has an interesting article (something worthwhile on the front page? I do declare!) about a housing development threatening the Ice Age Trail and surrounding areas. So far, I'm definitely siding with the locals who have taken it upon themselves to organize against the proposal. Well thought out, sustainable, multi-use development obviously has its place, but I don't understand our drive to build over every piece of land we can possibly get our hands on. It's just not worth it and usually does more harm than good not just to the ecosystem in the area, but to the people who end up moving in.

It's short-sighted, and when it threatens an area specifically designated as being high-worth in terms of agricultural assets, history and ecosystem it becomes a special kind of stupid.

Do what you can to educate yourself about what's going on and (hopefully) make the decision to support efforts to stop it. For more info about the Ice Age Trail, visit and learn what you can do to volunteer or just enjoy.


I don't make a habit of ranting about national politics too much (but sometimes I crack and give in) on here because, let's face it, this is a local blog and the few people who read it don't come here for something they can get at far more qualified and comprehensive outlets. So in this case, I'll just point out a post on one of those outlets that sums up my feelings on a topic pretty well: Firedoglake on the ad and its backlash.

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