Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sex, lies and football

Well now this is just the sort of news item to catch a person's attention on a gray and dreary morning. From TCT:

While the Badgers were scoring frequently in the second quarter of their victory over Washington State on Sept. 1, a young couple was scoring on their own in a stall in the women's restroom in the upper deck, resulting in a court appearance today on charges of disorderly conduct.


The two were pulling up their pants when the officer arrived. "I asked them quite loudly to get out of the stall," Pehler says in his report of the incident. the woman still had her pants down and was struggling to pull them up, the officer said. "It should be noted that she was unsuccessful in the attempt because her pants were inside out," the officer said.

What I love is that the officer made a point of noting that the woman put her pants back on inside out (which is an important detail for the purposes of prosecuting them, but still hilarious).

It's worth scrolling down to read some of the comments left by keen readers, too. The replies range from bemoaning the "drug culture" associated with football games (apparently drunks are worse than acid heads), congratulating the couple for getting it on in a "kinky" location (personally I'd argue against a public restroom being all that "kinky," but maybe that's just me), and wondering why it's such a big deal.

While I must come out in favor of spicing up ones love life by taking it out of the bedroom from time to time, I must also come out against the use of public restrooms when doing so. As an adult, it would give me the creeping heebie jeebies to walk in on the sounds of two strangers rutting, but then I'd probably just laugh it off. But children are known to frequent public restrooms, too, and though I'm not one of those "we must protect the children from every damned thing in the world because they're too fragile to handle anything" people, I still don't think it'd be a particularly grand idea to have them walking in on the sexy time.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we don't allow random Badger game hookups to transpire in public places. Even if they do result in hilarious news articles.

(photo credit: health.com)

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