Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bowl of your choice

I'm not a huge Packers fan, but I will admit to being disappointed that they didn't make it to this years' Super Bowl. It was especially hard to watch their final, slow wreck of a game after seeing them wipe the floor with the Seattle Seahawks in the previous, snow-covered match up.

So, despite the possibility of a history making season for the Patriots, I'm just not that interested in the big game this year. Sure, like a good media whore, I'll tune in for the famous commercials to see if Go Daddy brings us more scantily clad boobs, but when it comes to the real action, I'll be changing the PUPPY BOWL IV!

Because, as it turns out, I'm not immune to the mind-crushing adorableness of puppies running amok in a tiny stadium. I know, it's sad, but really, I dare you to watch it for a few minutes and not get totally caught up in the whole ridiculous thing.

Thank you, Animal Planet.

(h/t the slack daily)


John Das Binky said...

Sweeet. I'm all about the prop bets, and I'm wagering the Puppy Home Team outscores the Pats. Unfortunately, no teams are listed on the site. Maybe the puppies just run around in a weird melee and try not to maul one another?

I'm all for counter-programming, but this is just odd. It's also why Tivo Dual Tuners are awesome.

Emily said...

From what I remember of last years' Puppy Bowl (which isn't much, both because I was actually paying attention to the Super Bowl and because watching Puppy Bowl tends to melt your brain), there is a home team and an away team, but other than that, it's literally just an hour or so of watching puppies cavort, sleep, pee and prance around inside a miniature football stadium.

In other words: genius.

John Das Binky said...


This is completely why the terrorists hate us. They don't get Puppy Bowl in Baghdad.

Anonymous said...

I would watch... if they tied Mike Vick down and let puppies do their cute little non-housebroken thing they do all over him.

The Lost Albatross