Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold, cold, cold

My deepest sympathy to you hardcore Packers fans, especially those of you who actually braved the sub-zero temperatures to watch the game in person at Lambeau. Yikes.

Me? I watched the game from the safety of a warm house. But I also had the distinct displeasure of helping to change a flat tire in the parking garage on E. Mifflin late Saturday night, while the mercury was hovering somewhere around negative bazillion degrees. Me and The Boy had just gotten out of seeing the Mercury Players Theatre production of "The Pillowman" (which is really good, and you should see it) when we discovered that one of his back tires had gone limp. That led to quite the frozen ordeal, but we did eventually make it home safe, where we then slowly reacquired feeling in our various appendages.

That little episode, coupled with a handy suggestion from the Daily Mitzvah, prompted me to head over to the Keep Wisconsin Warm website and make a donation. Because I recognize that, in the end, I'm damn lucky to have a warm home to go back to after such an adventure. It has been ridiculously cold this weekend, and I can't imagine not having the proper heat and shelter to get through it in. Please consider donating to the cause, too.


JT said...

You have the kind of cold that I can't even fathom. I get all pissy and miserable when it dips into the 20's here.

jen x said...

Thank you for the very nice mention of Daily Mitzvah -- terrific to discover your blog! Seeing your post reminded me that St. Vinny's is running a blanket drive this weekend, which I had completely forgotten. Shopko on the west side is collecting the blankets (and also selling new blankets at reduced prices for the drive). I'm not sure if I can post links in your comments area, but if this works here it is:

Emily said...

JT - Oh, don't let any Wisconsinites fool you: we get pissy when it hits the 20's, too. It's just that we then go from pissy to a bit crazy when the temps drop even further.

JEN X - You're welcome, and thanks for dropping by! Thanks, too, for the heads up about the blanket drive.

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