Friday, January 11, 2008


It's Friday night, and you feel a'right, but what to do?

Do yourself a favor and check out the CD release party/concert for A Catapult Western at Cafe Montmartre tonight, 10:00PM. My bias here is pretty minimal, as I only played drums for them over the course of about four rehearsals before we mutually decided that I was in too many bands and I went on my way. Still, they make excellent music, and are definitely one local band to watch.

Here's what the masses have to say about their debut, self-titled record:

Considering the novel draw of spaghetti-western scores, alt country, and free form indie rock, musicians were bound to start combining all three. Not all will prove as graceful as recently formed Madison band A Catapult Western. Sharing members with another ambitiously odd local act, Strange Talking Animals, ACW diffuses its vocal layers, viola, guitar, piano, and assorted other keyboard sounds through a slowcore haze. Even when it pushes into more straight-up, rocking country sounds, skewed guitars, and synths fend off genre clich├ęs. - The Onion AV Club
If you're looking for something to do come Saturday night, you're in luck! I have one fine recommendation for you, and this one comes with a big ol' heapin' helpin' of bias.

Madison's favorite indie-pop duo return, now with drums (that'd be me) and electric guitar! It's the Buffali, sharing a fabulous bill with the Shabelles and the Treats, this Saturday night at the Crystal Corner Bar (1302 Williamson St.) starting at 9:00PM. Seriously, you should come. We're going to rock you right out of your underpants. I mean, look at me in that photo up there. Can't you just sense the cool? Or maybe that's just the reflection from my pasty leg...I can't be sure....


The CDP. said...

Got' damn, we have the same exact haircut and color. Looking at you is like looking into a mirror that turns my reflection into a significantly cuter girl, who's also probably a better drummer.

That's a nice-looking kit, too.

Emily said...

I think you just succeeded at simultaneously flattering and unsettling me. That's impressive.

Also my hair's a little longer on top these days (pic is from summer), but I'm not sure how much of a difference that makes.

The CDP. said...

Yeah, even as I was writing it, I was thinking to myself, "I sure hope she realizes that I'm trying to compliment her, make fun of myself and be goofy at the same time."

I should have just said you were cute and shut my fool mouth; that's all I was really trying to say.

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