Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Lost Albatross' Year In Review

Everyone else is doing it so why can't I?

I started this little blog back on February 8th, 2007, with pretty much no idea what I was going to do with it. I wanted to write about...something. It took until March 2nd for me figure out what my "special blogger purpose" was - and even that, it turned out, would grow to include much more than I had originally intended. While my primary focus here is to promote, review and discuss all things outdoors, cultural, and local, I couldn't help but dip a few toes into the political fray. Still, the second I start thinking this blog has some sway over the national debate, that's when I urge someone to step up and give me a good slap.

Still, I've been exceptionally flattered by the small but very decent amount of traffic this place has been getting. As of this moment, total hits for the blog are at 3,200 - most of which came between August and December. Not bad, if I do say so myself. I'm very glad that my words and images hold some interest for people, and I thank you all for stopping by!

Here, now, for the sake of sake's sake, are my favorite and most read posts of 2007:

Favorite(s) - Honestly, I'm most proud of my personal account of the ACT Ride, both because it was probably the most important thing I did all year and because I was happy with how I was able to put it into words. I can't stress enough how amazing the experience was, and I hope to do it again someday.

Most Hits
- "In Response: Bask in conservative bumper sticker wisdom" - Honestly, I suspect a combination of factors that pulled in so many readers. The original post that mine was written in response to went viral and was passed around conservative websites nationwide. Anything associated with it probably enjoyed some residual hits. Plus Isthmus Daily Page linked to mine, too.

Runners Up, Most Hits - "Naughty Nurses unite, Halloween needs you!" I have a dark and sneaking suspicion that the reason this got so many hits was simply because of its title and tags. Between the whole "naughty nurses" thing and the popularity of attending and/or debating Halloween on State Street, people were interested. More importantly, internet people were interested. Because, as we all know, the internet is for porn (a subset of which is naughty nurses). Sadly, there was no porn in my post, so I hope visitors weren't too disappointed (I did, however, include a skanky photo).

What's Coming - There's an old adage that my father-the-minister used to like to recite for me from time to time: "If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans." After everything and so far, it is probably the most accurate adage I've ever heard. Even so, we make plans because we have to, else we risk falling into apathy and staying indoors playing Guitar Hero for ever and ever (rock!).

I was pleasantly surprised when I went back and checked on my resolutions for 2007. Turns out I actually managed to nail most of them. But there are always kinks, always the cosmic wrench being thrown into the spokes of your life, as it were. So it's best to set goals, make plans, and still be willing to bend and change as the winds shift. You never really know what's coming next, so shouldn't you be prepared to change your mind? Keeps things fun and interesting.

For this silly little blog, I hope to continue posting regularly, with a heavier focus on local/regional content than before, with even more emphasis on outdoor activities and the green movement, and with less fear about talking politics, too. I also want to start writing one personal essay style post per week or two. Sure, I'm full of opinions, but I'm a storyteller at heart and I'd like to get back to that a little more. Hopefully it'll still be interesting to read.

And hey, as always, suggestions are always welcome.

In any case, may your year be pleasant, prosperous and relatively pain-free!

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