Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Brunch: Protein synthesis super hippie freakout!

Oh man, if I had been shown this film when I was studying protein synthesis back in school, I might have been compelled to pay more attention and actually retain the information. Or, it's entirely possible I would have been so distracted by the hilarious hippie science orgy taking place that it would have all gone over my head anyway.

Regardless, it makes me happy to know that this is still shown in some classes, and I am pleased now to present it to you in all its glory: "Protein synthesis: An epic on the cellular level" as produced by the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University in 1971 (featuring, if you can spot him, Frank Zappa!).


Anonymous said...

So cool...perhaps you might be interested to know that your mom and I were there at Stanford, visiting my good friend Mike Cooper...we heard about the Protein Synthesis film...and we actually took part in the "Fuck You" sign that mysteriously appeared at the football game that same weekend!

Emily said...

Hah, that's awesome! You crazy kids and your shenanigans. :) Love you!

The Lost Albatross