Monday, September 8, 2008

What the hell?


Not that I was ever super on-board to begin with, but when Palin was first picked to run as McCain's VP, she came off as somewhat of a moderate. I've now been made aware of just how forced that clever obfuscation is/was. And yet, and yet--some otherwise perfectly decent folks still seem strangely inclined to support the McCain/Palin ticket. I really just don't understand that. Maybe I'm giving people too much credit again.


On a more positive note, Rep. Barney Frank is right on the money, and I wish more people would understand the argument he's making.

UPDATE TO ADD: Found this great resource of Palin myths the media has done little to debunk, courtesy of Media Matters. Much needed illumination that ought to get far more mainstream daylight.


Michael Donnelly said...

She's truly a horrible person. I really hope the Democrats don't fire up their self destruct machine this year. I know they want to get as much mileage as they can out of that thing before it goes out of warranty, but sometimes just because something's fun doesn't mean you should do it.

Have you seen this one yet? Folks in her home town know she's awful but are afraid of what she'll do to them if they speak out.

Emily said...

Yeah, I had read that. I really wish more folks would speak up - I mean, I understand that they're afraid of repurcussions for themselves, but what about for the whole country if this ticket gets elected?

I'm really tired of electing leaders based on some skewed sense of "beer-drinking likability."

Anonymous said...

Sure, it is just like you elite media community organizer types to take it out on the beer drinkers of the world.

Emily said...

I even like beer. I guess that makes me conflicted. :P

Anonymous said...

I've been hitting to sort things out. Yes, both sides are guilty of screwing with the truth. Even after cleansing the noise, I'm still left scared as hell that she could be elected.

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