Thursday, September 18, 2008

Support Equal Benefits Ordinance tonight!

I've been hearing a bit about this, and I firmly and proudly stand behind the Dane County Board's decision to push for this ordinance. You can lend your support, too, by showing up at tonight's board meeting.

Here's the note I got about it:
Please show your support for the Equal Benefits Ordinance and the Dane County Domestic Partnership Registry by signing in at the Dane County Board meeting before 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evening, September 18, 2008, in Room 201 of the City-County Building.

The Equal Benefits Ordinance will require County contractors to provide the same benefits to employees with domestic partners as they do those with wives or husbands. It will also create a domestic partnership registry for Dane County.

If the amendment passes, it will be the first such law in Wisconsin! Please help make history by lending your support. The trade unions and right-wingers have been lobbying the Board to amend or stop O.A. 13. You can make the difference to help pass this law.

Support O.A. 13 by signing a blue slip that will be read by the Board Chairman before the debate. Thank you for your help!

Kyle R. Richmond
Dane County Board, District 27
Until such time as we realize that we're currently denying LGBT citizens of this state the equal protections and rights under the law that they're supposed to have--because of our discriminatory ban on gay marriages--ordinances like this one are necessary.

Caffeinated Politics has a good take on the issue, and Kyle Richmond also wrote an editorial about it that appeared in yesterday's Capital Times.

UPDATE 9/19: Hooray! The ordinance passed. Thanks to everyone who voted for and supported this move. Every small victory counts!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promotion of this cause. It was great to see the outcome of the vote....25-9!

Your blog looks wonderful and is a pleasure to read as always.

Emily said...

Thank you!

And yeah, it's nice to get some good news on this subject once in a while.

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