Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Brunch: God and Breakfast

In yet another bout of shameless self-promotion, today's brunch comes courtesy of Rob and my latest Wis-Kino short.

I should mention that I normally never ever eat Cap'n Crunch, and that doing so throughout the course of filming caused my stomach to feel like someone had poured a bowl of acid-covered angry kittens into it, and my mouth to become scraped and sore. Gross.

But I did get to pretend to be God, so hey, that was kind of neat (see: delightfully blasphemous!).


Em Richards said...

Nice! I likey! Handshakes all around!

Maybe next time, go with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Then you would have angry cinnamon-sugar-covered kittens, which would be demonstrably better.

Emily said...

Both options sound deeply unappealing to me. See, I've just lost all taste for super sugary cereals. Young Emily would not recognize twenty-something Emily. In fact, she'd probably kick me in the shins.

illusory tenant said...

Call me if Woody Allen sues over the titles.

Emily said...

Hah, good catch. For the life of me I couldn't think of what Rob meant when he said he intended to make "Woody Allen titles" for this piece, but once I saw the finished product, it all came back.

Call it an homage. Maybe that'll keep the lawsuits at bay. ;)

illusory tenant said...

An homage for sure, and a very cool one.

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