Monday, September 29, 2008

The Yard Dogs Road Show

Well this is fun. Apparently I'm involved enough in the burlesque/drag/performance scene now that I get to give away tickets to an awesome upcoming show at the Majestic Theatre! I'll be going to see the Yard Dogs Road Show this Thursday night, and as a special treat to Lost Albatross readers, I've got two tickets to give away to one lucky soul.

This is how it will go down:

First - Check out the Yard Dogs Road Show's website, watch some videos, and be amazed!
The Yard Dogs Road Show is a hobo cabaret, a living patchwork of vaudeville and rock and roll. In the enchanting land of stage show entertainment theirs is both pleasant and formidable terrain. They require a sensitivity to the subtle and the absurd. They lead the modern hobohemian on a visual and sonic journey through part of history that may or may not have existed – followed by an ambitious return to the emotional challenges of our punch-drunk contemporary world. It’s a true story on stage: sword swallowers, dancing dolls, fire eaters and sunset hobo poetry - all animated by the live sounds of the Yard Dogs cartoon heavy band. Yard Dogs Road Show is pure visual and sonic voodoo.

Born from the saloon vaudeville that toured the Wild West in the late 1800's and slammed into the underworld of modern American road culture. The Yard Dogs create a timeless space for the union of ancient theatrical alchemy and modern pop culture.
Seriously, this show looks like it will be a ton of fun, so be sure that, even if you aren't the winner of my super fabulous ticket giveaway, you buy some of your own and go check it out.

Second - Want to try your hand at winning the two tickets? Wonderful, I'd love to see you at the show! To win, just be the first to leave a comment answering this question: what was the name of the big drag/burlesque show that I put on this summer at the Majestic? Totally easy. I mean, you can look it up on this very blog. Be sure to leave either some way I can contact you via email to get your full name (or just your full name) in your comment so I can put you on the guest list +1.

Serious replies only, please! Don't win the tickets if you don't want to or can't go to the show, eh? Otherwise, have at it!

More show info:
w/ opening act, the Scarring Party
Thursday, October 2 @ 8:00PM
The Majestic Theatre, 115 King St., Madison, WI


Cam said...

Was it "Emily's big bad drag show and monster truck rally"???

Emily said...

No, but that's a great idea for the next one!

Michael Donnelly said...

Hot Mess

(And an excellent show it was.)

Emily said...

Why thank you Michael, and the tickets are yours! Your name +1 will be on the guest list for the show Thursday night.

George H. said...

After checking out their website, I may show up for fun, too. I can never resist a woman with an accordion.

Emily said...

George - I don't know many people who can.

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